There are two primary parties who administrate privileged functions in Enzyme Protocol: Avantgarde Core (deployer) and the Enzyme Council (admin).

Avantgarde Core (deployer)

As the lead developer of the protocol, Avantgarde Core deploys all contracts, and configures all of them prior to taking a release live. Once the release is taken live, full access control of protected functions is handed over to the Enzyme Council.

This procedure will be detailed in a later section.

Enzyme Council DAO (admin)

The Enzyme Council DAO is made up of two sub-committees; the Enzyme Technical Council (ETC) and the Enzyme Exposed Businesses (EEB). The ETC is a confederation of technically skilled appointed parties who together have sole access to voting on all protected, protocol-wide functions once a release is taken live.

The Enzyme Council is a fully trusted entity, which is core to the security assumptions of the protocol.

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